I have extensive professional experience as a senior copywriter in interactive/digital, general advertising, shopper marketing, branding, social media, direct response, B2B, sales promotions, and corporate communications. My work encompasses TV, print, Web, radio, email, direct mail, newsletters, brochures, press releases, and sales kits. From consumer packaged goods to corporate to technology, I’ve been honored to have the opportunity to create advertising, communications, and marketing-related creative work for a diverse range of clients and agencies.

A unifying member of an agency creative team, I am also very adept at working independently. Many of my assignments have required me to climb a steep learning curve and to master new vocabulary to address the specific requirements of my clients and to more effectively communicate with the target audience. As a result, I am proficient in developing impactful creative for a wide range of audiences.

I hope you enjoy what you see—and I look forward to hearing from you.